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An archaeologist on his travels stumbled upon the remains of what seems to be a human being from ancient times. After digging and finding a couple bones, he believed that there may be have been more buried away underneath. He continued to dig hoping that he could find some more that could leave him rich and famous. 

This was an exciting day as he continued to dig up bones. After many hours in the hot sun he decided to take a break. After all, digging all day can leave you tired. Having a drink under the shade of a tree he looked over and admired the large pile of bones that he had dug. He wondered if he had found all the bones to build the body. This left him with a problem! He didn't know the names of all the bones and the positioning of them. Not a very smart archaeologist.


Can you help this archeologist put this skeleton together? Help by telling him the name of each bone, where it is located and inform him of the importance of each bone and what they are used for. Refer to the process for more details.