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*You should go into groups of TWO or THREE for this project. 

1)  Draw to the best of your ability each bone. Skull, femur, radius, sternum, tibia, humerus, clavicle, spine, scapula, fibula, patella, tarsals, carpals, ulna, pelvic girdle. Make sure you label the various parts of the bones.

2)  Draw the Vertebral column (spine) and explain the 5 regions. How many individual vertebrae are there in each region?

3)  Explain where each of the bones listed above are located and which bones they are connected with.

4)  Name the 4 different shapes of bones and give examples for each category.

5)  Name 3 different types of joints and give an example for each.

6)  Name and describe the principle functions of the skeletal system (name 4).

7)  Describe and illustrate the structure of bones. (Eg. Spongy, Compact etc)

By completing these tasks, you will go along way to helping the archaeologist!!!!! 


***Topics to study that may appear on the test in a couple weeks

- Vertebrae, types of joints, numbers of bones