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How will this Webquest be assessed??? Make sure you are able to fulfil the required criteria below!!!  


Students will be graded individually although the activity is conducted in a group. Not only will the work you hand in from the webquest be marked but you aspects of your grade will also include both assessment of your individual and group work.  70% of this webquest will go towards your overall grade for this assessment.

INDIVIDUAL CRITERIA                       MARK

Student took responsibility  
Student showed initiative and a willingness to work  
Student asked follow up questions during the webquest  
Students were able to use the websites effectively to get the information  


Student worked well fellow students  
Student participated in activity  
Showed understanding of material  
Students completed the work  
Material handed in was correct  

5= excellent  4= above average  3= average   2= below average   1= unsatisfactory



TASK 1 - Drawings of bones with labels of various aspects.   15
TASK 2 - Drawing of Vertebral column and regions explained   15
TASK 3 - Explanation of where bones are located and connected   15
TASK 4 - Shapes of bones with examples   8
TASK 5 - Joints with examples   6
TASK 6 - Functions of skeletal system   8
TASK 7 - Drawing and explanation of the structure of bones   8